Welcome to the home page of the Private Practice Section of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. This web page was initiated by action of the Private Practice Section. Its primary purpose is as a directory search tool to identify highly trained clinical practitioners in the discipline of occupational and environmental medicine.

The directory contained within replaces the prior hard copy of the Private Practice Section Directory published by ACOEM, which many of you are familiar with. By placing the directory on the world wide web, we will be able to keep current with address changes, telephone number changes, addition of new physicians to the section, and other information that was not afforded us by the publishing of a hard bound directory.

ACOEM Definition of Sections

A section is a group whose members have an interest and/or practice in a field related to occupational and environmental medicine. Sections report to the Council on Special Occupational Health Interests. Non-members may participate in sections but cannot vote or hold chairmanships of office. Appointment of chairs and associate chairs is the section responsibility. Sections must conduct one annual meeting and submit formal minutes to the CSOHI chair. Sections must be financially self-sufficient.

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Private Practice Section Mission Statement

The mission of the Private Practice Section is to provide the highest quality, and most cost efficient occupational and environmental medical care to employees and their employers in order to obtain the safe and quick return to work and life activities.

Minutes from our meetings:

2002 Annual Meeting

2003 Annual Meeting

2004 Annual Meeting